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Can Wii Fit Make You Fit?

After canceling my gym membership yesterday, I decided to give my Wii Fit another try.  I’ve only used it a few times but I really like the idea of a) exercising at home and b) getting lots of kudos – which Wii Fit offers in spades. I should mention, though, that when I got on […]

How to Pose for Pictures

Since I started this blog, I’ve spent some time looking through the tens of thousands of pictures we have on a special, hard-to-find-and-use external hard drive and I noticed how many bad pictures are taken of me (notice how I don’t take responsibility?  It’s not me … it’s the camera!).  I’m looking older and older […]

Just Because It Comes in Your Size, Doesn’t Mean You Should Wear It

My friend Lori, scholar of all things celebrity, sent me a cautionary tale today … an answer, if you will, to the question I’ve posed before: Can I still wear a mini-skirt at my age?  And the answer appears to be “yes” and “no.”  First question to ask yourself before donning a short skirt?  Has […]

Dieting – Part One (of Many)

When I was in the 3rd grade, I went on my first diet.  For those of you who’ve lost track of some of life’s little details, humans are 8-years-old in the 3rd grade.  When other kids were refining their lower math skills, I was honing mine to razor sharpness counting carb grams on my first […]

Just One Reason I Know I Am Getting Old

WordPress is easy.  WordPress is smart.  WordPress is intuitive. So why can’t I figure out how to change the palm tree picture on the upper right side of this front page? I used to be smart. In the late 90’s (in web years, that’s like when the earth was still cooling) I even knew a […]

One of the Many Agonies of Being 7 Years Old

To sum it up in three little words: thank you notes. My God.  Who knew that writing ten thank you notes could take three hours?  The whining, the crying, the begging, the pleading, the wheeling and dealing … and that was me!  You should have seen him … or maybe you have, if you have […]