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Why I Can’t Remember The Prom

Well, first of all, it was in 1981.   Dinosaurs still roamed the earth, for God’s sake.  Second, my boyfriend and I technically only “stopped by” the prom itself  so we didn’t do what would one might call “attend.”   I don’t want to shine it up for y’all so I’ll just say it straight: we […]

RTT: Magazine Overdose, Searching For Perfect, Plus Orange Peels and Ice Cream

I’ve never played Random Tuesday Thoughts before but I really feel uniquely qualified lately since I can’t keep a thought in my head for more than a few seconds these days.  So here I go!  Watch me jump from the high dive! I get too many magazines.   I put them in a big basket on […]

What Happens If The Star of Three’s Company Turns Out To Be My Savior?

Well, as embarrassing as it is, I just skimmed read Suzanne Somers’ book called “The Sexy Years.”   (It’s so pathetic in so many ways, I’m blushing as I type.) Chrissy Suzanne has reinvented herself several times in recent years as an expert in exercise, diet and, most recently, perimenopausal and menopausal health.  She’s smart, wickedly […]

Time Well Wasted

I may as well confess:  I have a new Internet obsession.  Behold, my new time-waster: Ever heard of it?  I hadn’t until this morning and now I’ve gone and wasted a whole day on it.  Excellent! It’s basically a place where people list things that they are willing to do for $5 and if something […]

Looking For The Antidote

When I saw that the Spin Cycle over at Sprite’s Keeper was about stress this week, I … well, I stressed.  Big.  For four days.  About a BLOG POST. I have a friend who says that I “stack and loop” my worries.  I think, ” I need to write that blog post” and “I need […]

I’m Confused …

Because if this lovely girl is what we’re calling “Plus Size” these days, I am teetering on the brink. Seriously, what’s going on here?  I’m a size 6 (usually, anyway) and I don’t look this  good when I’m done up like a tart for a weekend in Vegas! I’m kind of freaking out here …