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Wordless Wednesday: I’m Going To Need To Get Myself A Hobby

Because this boy doesn’t really need me anymore.   Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice that he will sit in an armchair and read while I shop at Anthropologie but still … he’s 7 years old!  I just thought I’d get a little more time … Wordless Wednesday is sponsored by 5 Minutes for Mom among […]

RTT: Seriously Random … But With Pictures!

Thank God for RTT … without it (and some of my other fave memes), I wouldn’t blog at all.  Gotta look into that … meanwhile, here’s a download: I can’t wait for my new iPhone.  We didn’t get on the waiting list for the first wave in time (because you had to be hovering over […]

And I Used To Walk To School In The Snow. Uphill. Both Ways.

Recently, I was waxing nostalgic with a friend about the small town where I grew up and how it’s no longer a small town and that it now, in fact, has a freakin’ Walmart in it.   WTF?   So, in memorium, I’m going to take a little trip down memory lane.  Come along if you […]

RTT: Birthdays Suck … Except For the Food and the Presents and the People

It was a doozy of a week here, folks so I’m using RTT this week to bat a little cleanup. Let’s see … It was my birthday last week … 47. Woo-hoo/Whatever. I didn’t really want to commemorate it and I did pretty well with that. My husband and I drove up to San Francisco […]

Horses I Have Known

My last post about camping made me wistful for more than just camping.  When I posted a picture of the first horse I ever rode, it made me think of my horse-crazy youth and, to be honest, my sporadically horse-crazy adulthood. Hence, what follows is an ode to my favorite horses … from the one […]

Camping vs. Glamping

When I was growing up, my family went on the same vacation every year. We backpacked – at first in the Sierras, then in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado – as a family. Every. Single. Year. You went to Disneyland when you were three years old? How nice for you. Here’s the summer of my […]