RTT: What I Did On My Summer Vacation

Okay, so I haven’t posted in awhile.  A long while, actually.  76 days, to be exact.  So would you like to know what I’ve been up to? Summer was pretty eventful …

I spent a lot of time with these two characters on the beach.  It was a gloomy summer here this year but we had a few good ‘uns.  We also spent a lot of time hanging out by the pool at our friends’ new house in the Valley but, sadly, no photos.  Must have something to do with the Vanilla Vodka Lemonades.

Our friends from Australia came for a visit. This is Robin. We are about to go drinking out to dinner. It was a long night but we still look pretty respectable here.

This is how Liam entertained their girls during their visit.  One iPad for you, one iTouch for me … *sigh*

We went to Sequoia National Forest and hiked in Mineral King. Here is Liam in front of a seriously massive tree.  I have eleventy-gajillion more pictures of this trip but I’ll spare you.

Jud and I went to Ibiza, Spain and danced our arses off for a whole week while some of the best DJs in the whole world did their DJ thing.  Tiesto, Armin, David Guetta … perfection.  It was absolutely gorgeous in Ibiza.  We took a lot of self portraits. This is one.

Here’s another. We’re on our way to dinner at midnight.  That’s what everyone does in Spain.  There were toddlers at the next table.  Eating at midnight.  Go figure.

We went to Vegas for Labor Day. As you can imagine, there was hardly anyone else there.  This is my husband in heaven at our cabana at the Encore Beach Club. We had a most outstanding time there with our besties!

I caved and bought the black iPhone 4 since the white one is coming out, apparently, never … and that was just too long for me.  It was love at first sight. I swear, I almost kissed the FedEx dude when he brought it to my door.  I think I scared him a little.

Then school started. Bummer. I seriously enjoy the little guy. Now someone else gets to listen to him talk all day.

In other news (and this is where the Random Tuesday Thoughts really begin), this is what I came home to yesterday afternoon. A gigantic bird of paradise bouquet in the green waste container. Kind of pretty in a weird way.

Unfortunately, I soon found out that this is the donor of all those leaves. My husband completely mugged my bird of paradise so that more light would come into our den. WTF? He left, like, three leaves. Also, yes, my house is green. Very green. So green that my neighbor moved in protest. I’m THAT neighbor.

Big story on Yahoo News today … Crystal Renn, who is what’s called a “Plus Size Model” in this crazy world, is walking the runway for Zac Posen.  Here’s her gushing about him:

“He wants women to be able to fit [into his clothes] and to be able to buy them. They’re making the clothes for my size and everything.”

Are you f-ing kidding me?  If she’s bigger than a size 8, I’m a monkey’s rump.  Again I say, WTF?

Seriously? Really? Plus Size?

And finally – and then I’ll let you go, I promise – thanks to everyone who called and/or wrote to ask me what the hell with the whole blogging thing and what was with the long hiatus and seriously, you can’t write a few posts over the summer?  Anyway, I enjoyed the vote of confidence.  Seriously, thanks.

Now, go on over and check out more random goodness at Keely’s place.  Skat!


  • VandyJ says:

    Looks like you had a full, active summer. I’m a bit jealous about the travel, but someday for us.

  • Gretchen says:

    Welcome back! You were sincerely missed. We seem to have missed our blogmama beach outing. Bummer. It was DAMNED cold, wasn’t it? Is there a recipe for those Vanilla Vodka Lemonades or is it just vanilla vodka and lemonade? Sounds delish. I envy all of your summer. Sounds like a good time!

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