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RTT: Seriously Random … But With Pictures!

Thank God for RTT … without it (and some of my other fave memes), I wouldn’t blog at all.  Gotta look into that … meanwhile, here’s a download: I can’t wait for my new iPhone.  We didn’t get on the waiting list for the first wave in time (because you had to be hovering over […]

Clinging to Youth vs. Fighting Aging

I was at Whole Foods the other day and I saw a woman in her 60s who I would classify as pathetically “clinging to youth.”  Long, platinum blond wig with bangs cut straight across, loads of makeup, fish pout lips, precarious heels, super tight pants covering the old lady double whammy of a flat butt […]

Have We Talked About Brazilian Blowouts?

After spending gobs too much money on questionable process and procedures, I feel that it’s my duty to stand on the mountaintop and tell the world when something is either a) a spectacular flame-out of, like, Titanic proportions or b) an amazing, award-winning success story that makes me want to sing (although I won’t do […]

These Days, The Postman Always Brings Bad News

As Holly Hunter said in Broadcast News, “I have passed some line, someplace,”* where the whole friggin’ UNIVERSE has figured out that I am a) getting old, b) getting fat and c) getting absolutely f-ing obsessed with the way I look.  Witness, the mail yesterday: Exhibit A: Helpful mailer addressed to me, by name, from […]

Better Living Through Chemistry – Eyelash Edition

One of the success stories in my never-ending quest to stave off the inexorable march of time is my eyelashes. Formerly stubby, straight and almost invisible, my eyelashes were the bane of my existence.  I wasted lots of time looking for the perfect mascara, researching new treatments (eyelash extensions, anyone?), getting my lashes dyed and […]

Palm Springs Weekend, Ho!

I really don’t think there’s anywhere better on earth to take my horribly disfigured face right now than Palm Springs. If anyone, anywhere can understand the madness that is splashing acid on your face and turning it to well-worn leather in the hopes that beneath you’ll find smooth, baby’s butt quality skin, it’ll be gals […]