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How to Pose for Pictures

Since I started this blog, I’ve spent some time looking through the tens of thousands of pictures we have on a special, hard-to-find-and-use external hard drive and I noticed how many bad pictures are taken of me (notice how I don’t take responsibility?  It’s not me … it’s the camera!).  I’m looking older and older […]

Just Because It Comes in Your Size, Doesn’t Mean You Should Wear It

My friend Lori, scholar of all things celebrity, sent me a cautionary tale today … an answer, if you will, to the question I’ve posed before: Can I still wear a mini-skirt at my age?  And the answer appears to be “yes” and “no.”  First question to ask yourself before donning a short skirt?  Has […]

Where Is the Fashion Template for People Who Are Not Coathangers?

I love reading about fashion … what’s new, what’s next and especially how to re-purpose things I already have that I’ve either, a) spent too much money on, b) been keeping until I lose the last 10 pounds, or c) had since the 70s and 80s and have been praying would come back (cropped leather […]