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RTT: Seriously Random … But With Pictures!

Thank God for RTT … without it (and some of my other fave memes), I wouldn’t blog at all.  Gotta look into that … meanwhile, here’s a download: I can’t wait for my new iPhone.  We didn’t get on the waiting list for the first wave in time (because you had to be hovering over […]

I’m Confused …

Because if this lovely girl is what we’re calling “Plus Size” these days, I am teetering on the brink. Seriously, what’s going on here?  I’m a size 6 (usually, anyway) and I don’t look this  good when I’m done up like a tart for a weekend in Vegas! I’m kind of freaking out here …

Checking Your Rear View

I recently read an amazing post by one of my fave bloggers, The Beauty Boomer, about a subject which takes up a stunning amount of CPU cycles for me … namely, how big my butt is becoming as I head over the hill into the hinterlands of age. Her post covered the basics of why […]

I Have a Bone to Pick with …

Hormones. And that should be ’nuff said and this could (and probably should) have been the shortest post in history, but I have a few gajillion more things to say today. What the fuck is up with hormones?  It’s like a vile trick, jerking you hither and fucking yon at the whim of the hilarious […]

Light at the End of the Tunnel!

There’s not a lot of good news for us girls in the 40-something zone these days so imagine my delight when I saw this headline today: Study: Women who drink are less likely to gain weight Halle-freakin-lujah!  And it’s a STUDY!  That means that when I order a glass of wine on a random Tuesday […]

More Evidence That I am Getting Old

Yesterday, while doing one of those little things people do everyday, I hurt my back.   I wish I could say I did it training for a marathon or bending myself into a pretzel in Bikram yoga or running those brutal stairs at the beach, but no.  I did it doing the laundry.  I reached in, […]