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Sometimes You Just Have to Let Their Dad Handle Things

Fun Sunday morning activity at our house.  I had to leave the premises … seriously, it takes cajones to give a 7 year old a box of matches and stand back and watch.   I do not have cajones. This is actually where I cut out but  I came back in time to see the traditional […]

RTT: What I Did On My Summer Vacation

Okay, so I haven’t posted in awhile.  A long while, actually.  76 days, to be exact.  So would you like to know what I’ve been up to? Summer was pretty eventful … I spent a lot of time with these two characters on the beach.  It was a gloomy summer here this year but we […]

I’m Having a Weepfest! Care to Join Me?

This is the sweetest thing I have ever seen. We should all be loved like this… [vimeo][/vimeo] If you’re using Firefox, you might need to watch it the old fashioned way … by clicking here. Oh, and here’s the story behind it.

Camping vs. Glamping

When I was growing up, my family went on the same vacation every year. We backpacked – at first in the Sierras, then in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado – as a family. Every. Single. Year. You went to Disneyland when you were three years old? How nice for you. Here’s the summer of my […]

RTT: Magazine Overdose, Searching For Perfect, Plus Orange Peels and Ice Cream

I’ve never played Random Tuesday Thoughts before but I really feel uniquely qualified lately since I can’t keep a thought in my head for more than a few seconds these days.  So here I go!  Watch me jump from the high dive! I get too many magazines.   I put them in a big basket on […]

What Happens If The Star of Three’s Company Turns Out To Be My Savior?

Well, as embarrassing as it is, I just skimmed read Suzanne Somers’ book called “The Sexy Years.”   (It’s so pathetic in so many ways, I’m blushing as I type.) Chrissy Suzanne has reinvented herself several times in recent years as an expert in exercise, diet and, most recently, perimenopausal and menopausal health.  She’s smart, wickedly […]