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And I Used To Walk To School In The Snow. Uphill. Both Ways.

Recently, I was waxing nostalgic with a friend about the small town where I grew up and how it’s no longer a small town and that it now, in fact, has a freakin’ Walmart in it.   WTF?   So, in memorium, I’m going to take a little trip down memory lane.  Come along if you […]

Looking For The Antidote

When I saw that the Spin Cycle over at Sprite’s Keeper was about stress this week, I … well, I stressed.  Big.  For four days.  About a BLOG POST. I have a friend who says that I “stack and loop” my worries.  I think, ” I need to write that blog post” and “I need […]

These Days, The Postman Always Brings Bad News

As Holly Hunter said in Broadcast News, “I have passed some line, someplace,”* where the whole friggin’ UNIVERSE has figured out that I am a) getting old, b) getting fat and c) getting absolutely f-ing obsessed with the way I look.  Witness, the mail yesterday: Exhibit A: Helpful mailer addressed to me, by name, from […]

Honestly, the Funniest Tampon Ad EVER

Even if you ignore the ridiculous brouhaha over the staid, old guard networks refusing to air an ad that has the word “vagina” in it (erectile dysfunction, anyone?  That one doesn’t seem to offend them… kinda grosses me out, though) or even the euphemism “down there” to describe the most foul area (*shudder*) of a […]

I Have a Bone to Pick with …

Hormones. And that should be ’nuff said and this could (and probably should) have been the shortest post in history, but I have a few gajillion more things to say today. What the fuck is up with hormones?  It’s like a vile trick, jerking you hither and fucking yon at the whim of the hilarious […]

A Day in the Life

Once my son started first grade, everyone started asking me if I was going to write again.  You see, in my former life, I was a writer.  (I know this because I have some books on my shelf with my name on the spine.  You can buy a used one of them for a penny […]