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Spin Cycle: Religion and Me (Or, Is There Anybody Out There?)

I have a very strange relationship to religion and here’s a little snapshot of the possible genesis (get it?  Genesis?  I’m killing myself here!) of that relationship.  My mom’s family is Jewish but she was raised Episcopalian.  My dad’s family are Christian Scientists.  Add three kids and voila!  Atheists! Here’s a picture of me the […]

Spin Cycle: Technological Schizophrenia

When it comes to technology, I am Sybil. On the one hand, I bought my first PC in 1986 (remember DOS prompts?), got my first job pimping the glories of the Internet in 1995, encouraged my husband to take a job at Yahoo in 1996 (my mother thought we meant “YooHoo,” the chocolate drink), and […]

Why I Can’t Remember The Prom

Well, first of all, it was in 1981.   Dinosaurs still roamed the earth, for God’s sake.  Second, my boyfriend and I technically only “stopped by” the prom itself  so we didn’t do what would one might call “attend.”   I don’t want to shine it up for y’all so I’ll just say it straight: we […]

Looking For The Antidote

When I saw that the Spin Cycle over at Sprite’s Keeper was about stress this week, I … well, I stressed.  Big.  For four days.  About a BLOG POST. I have a friend who says that I “stack and loop” my worries.  I think, ” I need to write that blog post” and “I need […]

The Mother of All Days

I was just reminded by Jen at Sprite’s Keeper that this weekend is Mother’s Day!  I like Mother’s Day.   Seriously, breakfast in bed?  Homemade gfts wrapped by grubby little hands?  Flowers from the yard in a tiny vase?  Kisses and hugs and the right to choose the activities for one whole day?  Let’s face it, […]

Spin Cycle: Role Models circa 1970

Let’s spin the dial! I was an unabashed TV junkie when I was growing up in the 1970s and having two working parents meant that my sister and I could gorge ourselves on “vintage” television for hours after school and then do it again with new programs for an hour or two after dinner.  And […]