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If Casey Stengel Were Alive Today, He’d Be Spinning in His Grave

I don’t even know who Casey Stengel is but, in honor of The Spin Cycle over at Sprite’s Keeper, I’m using it! The Spin Cycle this week is all about quotes which completely captivated me because, well…  you know when you’ve been married for awhile and you can raise an eyebrow from across the room […]

National WTF Day

Don’t you think we need one? This weekend, I saw something in the newspaper (a real paper one that they throw on my doorstep every Sunday … how retro cool/tree killing hellfire is that?) that proclaimed this month National Bathroom Safety Month … which is freakin’ ABSURD (and also false … National Bathroom Safety Month […]

Palm Springs Weekend, Ho!

I really don’t think there’s anywhere better on earth to take my horribly disfigured face right now than Palm Springs. If anyone, anywhere can understand the madness that is splashing acid on your face and turning it to well-worn leather in the hopes that beneath you’ll find smooth, baby’s butt quality skin, it’ll be gals […]