I’m Having a Weepfest! Care to Join Me?

This is the sweetest thing I have ever seen. We should all be loved like this… [vimeo]http://vimeo.com/14325334[/vimeo] If you’re using Firefox, you might need to watch it the old fashioned way … by clicking here. Oh, and here’s the story behind it.

Mother’s Day Reflection

Disneyland Done Right

Last Tuesday, my husband and I pulled a fast one on our 7 year old.  As we were walking out the door to go to school, I said (as prearranged with my husband) to our son, “Hey, instead of going to school today, why don’t we go to Disneyland?” It should be noted that at […]

One Reality of Our Crazy World

This post won’t be funny, so if you’re here for laughs, this won’t be the post for you.  Nothing to see here … move along. My phone rang early this morning and as I grouchily said, “Who would call this early in the morning?” I picked up the phone and made my displeasure clear.  My […]